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Sunny Beach Bulgaria: a various holiday resort (English)

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Sunny Beach 2018: A successful vacation! Why? Read the following article!
Sunny Beach 2018: A successful vacation! Why? Read the following article!  Bild: Sarah Vaas

Sunny Beach [ENA] The third time Vacation at Sunny Beach in Bulgaria– there are many things to say about. You will find All Inclusive Hotels, sun, sea, sand beach, party all night long, happy hours, many chillout bars, restaurants, Jeep Safari, multiculturalism, animation, kind people and so much more. Now in detail:

In July and August this year (2018) we spent our vacation in Hotel Riva Park **** at the beautiful Sunny Beach (Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria). In our two week vacation we experienced many special moments, which are too many to talk about. We were in the hotel with its All Inclusive offers, experienced the Beach and went for some trips to come around and. In the following article you get much information about this special vacation! So lets start.

///The Hotel/// - The Riva Park Hotel **** is not far from the beach (you need 5 minutes). It is located in a calm environment. Next to the hotel you will find a supermarket, which is opened 24 hours. The hotel offers an All Inclusive buffet, drinks included as well (also alcoholic drinks). The hotel itself is composed of the mentioned new Riva Park **** part, that was renovated in 2017, and the old Hotel Riva *** part (old building). The restaurant, the hotel facility, all pools and the lobby of both parts are totally identical, only the apartments are different from each other. The apartments from the new Riva Park **** part are more spacious and more advanced than the apartments at the older building.

///THE POOLS/// The Hotel has three different pools. At the Pools you will find an animation (Darts, water volleyball, pooldances an much more), a poolbar, snackbar (with ice and pizza), sunbeds with umbrellas, Wifi and a Whirlpool. All of the pools have a poolbar, so you wont miss cold bracing cocktails ;) At night you can enjoy looking at the pools with different colourful lights. We liked this view!

There are many sunbeds and umbrellas at the pool, come and find your favorite!
The pool at night. A colourful view! On the left side you can see a part of the whirlpool.

///THE BUFFET/// Because of the All Inclusive offer, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner, which presented us much choices to eat und enjoy. In the morning the hotel offered bacon, egg, sausages, different ranges of bread, cereal, fruits, vegtables, coffee and cacao, water and other classic drinks. At lunch time we had warm and cold (salad, bread, etc.) meal and also fruits and desserts. The dinner had special variations like a Barbecue . All guests are able to choose, whether they want to sit inside or outside to enjoy their meal. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get a new meal, because the waiters clear the dishes fastly. It was a really good service!

A comprehensive breakfast
The restaurant - below the new Hotel Riva Park **** part.
starter, main dish and dessert: all in one

///Experience Boardwalk/// Certainly we also looked round the hotel and walked along the boardwalk with many restaurants, bars, clubs, markets, roundabouts and other attractions, which are visited all the time by many interested people. At this place you see families, couples, youth groups and also single visitors in all ages, which enjoy their holiday time in special ways. An easygoing atmosphere, much individual marketplaces and offers for less money, colourful lights, multiculturalism are conspicuous facts at Sunny Beach. It doesn’t matter, whether you want to relax, party, go shopping, eating or just having fun: You can walk along the Boardwalk and will find your own attraction here, I promise! We also checked out many things.. Amazing!

Touristes are lured with many offers: Offer 2 cocktail, get 5!
Comfortable bars and restaurants are waiting for you!
If you won't get repleted in the hotel, there are much more delicious offers at the boardwalk.

///THE BEACH/// Sunny Beach is a sand beach with a length of over 4 km (with and without sunbeds and umbrellas). You are able to relax in the sun or shadow, it’s up to you. Beside the beach you have many bars and restaurants to get snacks or cold cocktails. If it‘s too warm for you, the sea is waiting for you with a pleasant temperature. For sportsfans there are also Beachvolleyball pitches, on which you can compete duels with other people from other nations or countries. This way you fastly come in contact with them! Hotel Riva Park **** is, like many other hotels, 5 minutes away from the beach. So you can reach it easily by foot.

///TRIP: "Aqua Paradise" NESSEBAR/// We also looked around the beach and went out for some trips. Our first was Aqua Paradise Nessebar. Like every year this trip was worth it. Aqua Paradise is the biggest and most eventful Aquapark in Bulgaria and my favorite. You will find slides like „Tsunami“ and the „Rafting“ as highlights of the park and I agree: These slides are so awesome and funny, whether with or without hoops. The park also offers special stage animation for the „swim-breaks“, which are also really funny. Aside from slides and stage attractions the park also has many opportunities to get lunch. A special offer you get is, that a professional photographer takes the pictures of you, which you can buy and keep as a nice memory.

Aqua Paradise - an overview
one of the two big slide Towers with "Tsunami" (blue) in the background

///TRIP: JEEP SAFARI/// Our next trip was the Jeep Safari, on which we left the tourist area and drove tot he bulgary outback with a Jeep. We visited little villages, fields and plantages, drove through thick forests and coverts/ nature to reach a distillery and offside located dugouts. The guides, which were accompanying us, teached a lot about the old bulgary outback, that is totally different from the tourist area. With our tourist group we had a great lunch. At the end we had the opportunity to drive a few minutes with a quad bike and check out. It was a lot of fun and also an adrenalin rush, but a cultural trip too.

With a Jeep to the bulgarian outback
fields, rivers and forests: an adventure and cultural trip!
Stopover in a little bulgarian facility

///TRIP NESSEBAR TOWN/// Our last trip was a boattrip to Nessebar. Nessebar is an old town with contorted alleys, small stores, old traditional monuments and small bays. On this penininsula there’s more life than you think. After looking around and taking a lunch we relaxed at a small bay, before the boat drove us back tot he Sunny Beach. Instead of this boat, you can also take the Sightseeing Shuttle if you want. You should check it out!

There's also a boardwalk around Nessebar town. In the background you can see the Sunny Beach.
One of the boatshuttles from Sunny Beach to Nessebar and back
The view over the black see, in the background the Sunny Beach again.

All in all, our holiday in Sunny Beach (Hotel Riva Park ****) are always spectacular and relaxing at the same time. The Sunny beach offers so many opportunities for several people and audiences. You can find party, culture, relaxation or a mix of all of these. This was the third time we spent our holidays in Sunny Beach and i will promise you: It will not be the last time! Sunny Beach will make sure you get a break from your everyday life, so come over and enjoy!!

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